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Three state headquarters staff discuss job expansion training

In November, the autumn was crisp, and everything had already withered, but it still showed vigorous vitality. Three all the staff of Bang Industrial Organization headquarters went to the 5A level scenic spot to discuss the two day outdoor training. Everyone gathered at the door of the company early in the morning. Although the face was weary of morning, it was still hard to hide the joy and excitement of traveling. In the gathering place, wearing a neat military camouflage suit is more impressive, but as the trainer announces the training course, everyone's expression is gradually shrouded - the team is fighting against one to one. Soon, we all quickly entered the role: designing the flag, fixed point training, human sniping, team endurance competition... With the twilight twilight, everyone is obviously tired. It seems that the daily physical exercise can not be less.

After a simple military meal, it began at night's bonfire party. The November wind was cool, but when everyone sat around the bonfire, watching the talent you came to, it seemed that the day's training didn't bring drowsiness, and everyone had a bright smile on his face. Two days of development training is very short, short to take the photograph to look at the sight of the end of the view, the two days of expansion training is also very long, long to the hearts of everyone left a deep memory.