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Why us

Honors of the company

In 2007, it was recognized as a technology-oriented enterprise.

In 2008, it was rated as Ningbo High-tech Enterprise, Engineering Technology Center for Yinzhou Enterprises and Ningbo Export and Import Integrity Enterprise.

In 2009, it was rated as District Harmonious Development Enterprise and Patent Demonstration Enterprise.

In 2011, it was rated as “Excellent Unit” of Enterprise Standardization Construction and passed the review of High-tech Enterprise, and it was awarded Japanese EXO-SERVER Certificate, Science and Technology Progress Award, and the third prize of the Seventh Invention Competition in Ningbo.

In 2012, it was rated as Quasi-listed Enterprise by the district government.

In 2013, our company's SIKE products won the title of famous brand products in Ningbo, and polyester colored spinning microfiber won the third prize of the key industrial new products in Ningbo.

In 2014, the daily necessities “UNIC” won the famous trademark of the province.

In 2016, the polyester colored spinning microfiber won the third prize of the 2016 Ningbo Science and Technology Award and was rated as the Provincial Engineering Technology Center.

In 2017, it was approved to set up a post-doctoral workstation.

  • 400 employees with college degree or above.

  • Nearly 60 research developers.

  • More than 20 employees with senior and intermediate technical titles.

  • 15 senior engineers

  • Human resources

    There are more than 2,000 employees in the company, including over 400 employees with junior college diploma or above; nearly 60 research developers, more than 20 of which have senior and intermediate technical title and 15 of which are senior engineers.

  • R & D and production equipment

    The company has a lot of domestically leading R & D, production and detection equipment imported overseas, such as the textile false twisting friction plate of Taiwan Yuhua Enterprise, the German Mahr metering pump and the assembly of Japan Sojitz Corporation, as well as several reorganization and warp knitting production lines.

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  • Information management system

    For many years, the company has been insisting on continuous investment in enterprise information management. In foreign trade, the company realized the paperless and informationalized process from foreign trade inquiry to finished product receipt to customs declaration through the introduction of Hongqiao ERP foreign trade management system; in finance, the company adopted Kingdee financial software; in E-commerce, it introduced EC-ERP; in office management, it introduced OA operating system, and will develop Fuma system independently later. At the beginning of 2015, we integrated personnel, foreign trade, finance, procurement, e-commerce, logistics and Fuma system, so that the resources of each software system were effectively integrated, and the whole circulation process such as office, production, supply, sales, finance, inventory and after-sales service is well controlled.