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Yu Sanchuan, general manager of Ningbo three state line industry: dark horse in the field of microfi

Reporter Zhu Shujian

Character card

Name: Yu Sanchuan

Position: general manager of Ningbo three state line industry

Age: 43 years old

Hobby: swimming

Favorite book: biography of Zeng Guofan

Motto: a plough, a harvest

From a middle school physical education teacher to the general manager of the foreign trade company, he revolves around the yarn and line of the textile raw materials for more than 20 years, starting from a small enterprise that sells 2 million yuan a year, and eventually creates a competitive and influential enterprise in the international yarn industry. He is Yu Sanchuan, general manager of Ningbo three state Wire Industry Co., Ltd.

Personage impression

The first thing to do is to "work hard"

From an ordinary PE teacher in a middle school to become a leading figure in the Chinese sewing line industry, Yu Sanchuan feels that abandoning the teaching business is not abrupt. In his opinion, there is no knack for doing business. As long as it is hard, it will succeed (of course, this success has a big and small success). And many years of sports career, his character is a good discipline. "It is important to insist on doing any industry. It is important to stick to it. It may only be a step behind the success and failure of one thing. You stick to it and you succeed." Yu Sanchuan said.

Ten years, one day, Yu Sanchuan grew stronger and stronger around a thread (sewing thread) and a piece of silk (microfiber). Yu Sanchuan is now preparing to go on the market, "not to catch up with the trend, we want to go on the market and go on the road to standardization. It may be a trend that the listing is" access system "." Yu Sanchuan said, "the same for textile enterprises listed, Chinese fir, YOUNGOR is the tide, we are small sampan, we must be cautious and careful, to master the direction of the forward."

No blind obedience, no superstition of authority, this year, 43 years old, the blood and spirit of Yu San Chuan Zi has wolf's side. The sportsman likes to turn over the books about Zeng Guofan in his leisure time. "The most important thing is to find the heritage of the culture that is in accordance with the national conditions". The enterprise owner of the "martial law" has a unique view on enterprise management and enterprise culture, "the competent, the equals, the mediocre", and his standardized management and flexibility. The employment mechanism has created boundless vitality and vitality for the development of enterprises.

Micro comment

As the saying goes, "there is a will." From the abandoning of teaching, merger and expansion, to the brewing of the market, from a line to a wire, from labor intensive to technical lead, never understand even become an expert... He relies on an enterprising enthusiasm that is never satisfied and keeps innovating, and relies on tireless and courageous efforts. It is this enthusiasm and strength that make him a dark horse in the field of microfiber, and become an example of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Character story

Discarding education in Business > > >

Break out a day in the field of foreign trade

In 1990, Yu Sanchuan graduated from the Department of physical education of Hangzhou University and assigned to Yinzhou five Township Middle School as a sports teacher. "Young people's hearts are always restless. In order to change their life, I went to sea after teaching for six months, and I went to business to engage in an import and export company." Yu Sanchuan recalls.

Yu Sanchuan did not resign after his resignation, and his simple entrepreneurial impulse gave him tremendous strength. "It was a golden period of development in the foreign trade industry. As long as you can speak English, you dare to do foreign trade. " Yu Sanchuan said that after learning foreign language for some time, he began to do business in foreign trade.

After seven or eight years of rolling up in the foreign trade industry, Yu San was founded in the beginning of 1998, Ningbo three state line Industry Co., Ltd. - just beginning, just rented a small flat in Yinzhou stone, and the factory moved to Changfeng in 2003; now, the building area has expanded to about 200000 square meters.

After going to sea, changing careers and starting a business, unwilling to go to the international market, Yu Sanchuan relies on strong toughness and learning ability. It's easy to learn things, so long as you are willing to use your mind to study. He is hard to learn from trade related knowledge, to organize orders, to calculate the cost of materials, and to understand the business knowledge of the foreign trade industry. It took a week to go to Russia to participate in the exhibition. It took a week to run 68 fabric factories. I didn't understand it. From the first question, this circle ran down.

After more than ten years of arduous pioneering work, Yu Sanchuan continued to expand territory. During this period, with Ningbo three state Wire Industry Co., Ltd. as the cornerstone, he established Ningbo three state import and Export Co., Ningbo three State Commodities Co., Ltd., Ningbo three state ultrafine fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangxi three State Industrial Co., Ltd., the total sales of the company also exceeded one billion yuan.

Dare to eat crabs > >

Boldly marching into the field of superfine fiber

Microfiber is a kind of composite fiber, which combines different functional materials into a single wire and reconstructs its interior. Don't underestimate it. A weight of 9000 m long microfiber yarn is only 0.13 grams. Yu Sanchuan said that microfiber was first applied to the field of precision instruments such as microscope, and a small piece of cloth would be more than 100 yuan. Yu Sanchuan later discovered that car washing supplies also had a great demand for microfiber.

"In Europe and the United States car washing supplies have been abolished cotton cloth, replacing microfiber fabrics. Towels made from microfiber are easy to use, soft and absorbent, and 5 to 10 times more absorbent than ordinary cotton cloth. No bacteria, no smell, towel itself is very clear.